Bleu Sunshine

oil on wood, 12x9"

Bleu Sunshine, original artwork by Mike Geno

Made by Florida's first artisan raw milk cheesemaker, Winter Park Dairy, this blue cheese wedge came to represent the state on my cheesemap!
I love the name and this natural rind blue is as mellow and sunshiny as could be. I broke the wedge in half to get a good look at the interior blue-pocked paste and the sun-colored cows milk started to deepen on the sides as my painting progressed. That also allowed for a nice slender vertical wedge and gave me the other half to eat while I painted this half!! I loved how the exposure to the air allowed the cheese to create a subtle sunset palette. I decided to make the cheese itself be the sunshine, and keep the background colored as pure white [Florida] heat.

The un-cooked, un-pressed and aged 60+ days, blue has a nice mild, nutty taste and creamy texture with the imported French cultures.

Country of Origin: USA, Florida

Price: $700

Additional Image:

Additional Image of Bleu Sunshine, original artwork by Mike Geno