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Ocean Brie-eze

Ocean Brie-eze

Series: Cheese Portraits

Description: This is a Hawaiian cheese with genuine squid ink! Naked Cow dairy is a dairy farm in Waianae, Hawaii and the only one on the island of Oahu. Their approach is return back to a tradition that didnt include antibiotics and hormones, hence the name "naked" cow. Imagine how happy their cows are ... besides living in Hawaii, their cows live better than most of us! - "We love our cows and it shows in our products. We depend only on feeds grown in Hawaii including: grass, sugar cane molasses, pineapples, kiawe beans, macadamia and kakui nut by-products, to name a few." This rare cheese was smuggled into the mainland by friends at Parish Hill Creamery and shipped to me very ripe. It's delicious and salty and very very runny. I had to paint this one quickly. I'm SO happy to have Hawaii on my cheesemap!

Origin: USA, Hawaii

Tags: squid ink, black, lava, cow, gooey

Price: $600