Crema de Blue

oil on wood, 10x10"

Crema de Blue portrait by Mike Geno

This is the second portrait of this cheese for me to paint. I had a lot given to me by the cheese maker, Valley Shepherd Creamery in NJ for a commission of this cheese. This is the Best in show , 2nd place cheese from the American Cheese Association. It's a wonderful blue cheese that is best described by Madam Fromage: "Valley Shepherd Crema de Blue (2nd Place)

In my rampant foraging for great blues, I have never come across one like this. So many are dense and salty with a lot of sweetness, which is why I love them. But Crema de Blue is not dense or sweet or salty! It’s savory, antithetical. Licorice pops on the front end, followed by the taste of flint. The finish is spicy: white pepper. Texturally, this cheese is loose, open…fluffy, like sucking on clouds and tasting the raindrops inside. I am still wrapping my mind around it."


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