Wilde Weide

oil on wood,12x12"

Wilde Weide cheese portrait by Mike Geno
Wilde Weide (VIL-duh VY-duh), This farmhouse raw-milk Gouda is a rare treat made in Holland by traditional methods by a husband and wife team named Jan and Roos (pronounced Rose). It has an pleasurable balance of flavors between nutty/butterscotch and a crisp (almost citrus) sharpness that comes across with a rich deep mellowness and some candied fruit afterthoughts. There's just a lot of subtleties and I do not really feel equipped to describe it.
I am just grateful that Rich at Dibruno Bros. suggested this gem for a snack that first had to became a portrait.


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PS: also this quote, featured on Dibruno Bros. website page for this, inspired my color scheme of sunshine :)

"She moved so easily,
All I could think of was sunlight.”

-Paul Simon, “I Know What I Know”