Testun al Foglie di Castagno

oil on wood, 10 x 10"

Testun al Foglie di Castagno portrait by Mike Geno
Rich from Dibruno Bros. in Philadelphia introduced me to this incredible, and pricey, intense cheese knowing Im always looking for something less typical and aesthetically pleasing.  It's a pasteurized blend of cow and sheep's milk cheese from Piedmont, Italy and is known as Pecorino Testun nelle Foglie di Castagno, The flavor is intensely sweet, fruity and nutty all at once. Castagno by itself means chestnut, and the foglie di is “leaves of”. I loved that it's wrapped in chestnut leaves. It's a real treat to paint them and the cheese itself is crumbly-handsome like a softer version of Parmesan or pecorino. The smell was sweet the warmer it got as it posed for me. I couldn't wait to finish this just so I could eat it.

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