Westcombe Cheddar

oil on wood 12x 12"

Westcombe Cheddar painting by Mike Geno
Rocco at Dibruno Bros. offered me a chance to take home a wedge of a rarity of a giant in the world of cheddar. He said it was the only wheel they'd get, and likely the only one in the entire city, if not east coast. Despite a busy schedule, I decided to seize the opportunity and add this one to my cheese portrait series. I couldn't resist since I've already enjoyed Montgomery's and Keen's cheddars. Westcombe is one of only three remaining creameries making cheddar in the county of Somerset by traditional methods and therefore many deem it as one of the three best in the world. I can attest that this is indeed wonderful. It's similar to "Montgomery's Cheddar" with the perfect fudgey buttery texture that is so damn wonderful to eat. It has the slightest sharpness and that's where I believe the two differ. I also loved that this wedge had a vein (crack) that let some hints of blue in.

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