L'Amuse aged Gouda

oil on wood 24x24"

L'Amuse Gouda painting by Mike Geno
*Part of the "KINGS OF CHEESES" series*

L’Amuse Signature Gouda is made at the Cono cheesemaking plant in Northern Holland and it's considered by many the best of all amazing goudas. These wheels are hand-selected and shipped to the maturing facilities of L’Amuse cheese shop in Santpoort-Noord, where the are matured under the specifications of Betty Koster, cheesemonger extraordinaire and the owner of L’Amuse cheese shop.

Koster hand selects 2-month-old wheels of Gouda from Beemster, a large Dutch producer, and nurtures them until they are 2 years old. She ages them at a higher temperature than others typically do, and she doesn't apply as many layers of the coating that prevents mold from growing. As a result, L'Amuse Gouda peaks sooner than most other aged Goudas, which can continue to develop for three to four years.

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