Greek Feta

oil on wood 10 x 10"

Greek Feta cheese portrait painting by Mike Geno Feta cheese is a Greek specialty and you can say its origin goes back a bit. It is considered to be one of the oldest cheeses in the world.
Supposedly, the earliest record of feta cheese dates back to the Byzantine Empire. It has been associated closely with Crete, located in present day Greece. An Italian traveler to the city of Candia makes express mention of the curing processes in brine cellars in his writings, dated 1494.

This painting was a commission for a couple that honeymooned in Greece and so I couldnt resist a blue background. I had the cheese posed for me on a reflective plastic surface, as it was wet with brine and started to pool as the painting progressed. The block on the left more noticeably sits in a puddle of clear-ish brine that caught the light, alsmost iridescently.


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