cheese portraits


Dunbarton Blue

oil on wood 16 x 16"

Dunbarton Blue Cheese Portrait Painting by Mike Geno

This wonderfully flavorful blue-veined cheddar is made in Wisconsin by Roelli Cheese. Made more like a cheddar, "Dunbarton Blue" has a minimal bluing which seems to compliment the indulgent cheddar rather than compete with it. You can taste the earth and age in its body while, for me, being rewarded with the most gratifying mouthfeel that reminds me of wax that's just been melted and not completely firmed up after it begins to cool.

I got seduced by this rather large hunk when I saw it on Dibruno Bros. counter. While contemplating taking some home to gorge on, I noticed how beautiful it looked as it was. The relic-like rind, the planar surface from sampling and the translucent blue veigns hiding their flavor just below the surface... I had to paint this, I decided, and paint it big.


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