cheese portraits


Winnimere Wheel

oil on wood 8 x 10"

Winnimere Wheel cheese portrait painting by Mike GenoWinnimere is a luxury just to taste, let alone have a whole wheel of it to yourself! I was commissioned by the American Cheese Society (ACS) to paint their top winners of 2013, Winnimere is ranked #1 - best in show, first prize!
This raw cow's milk cheese is too runny-gooey to send any way other than in the form of an entire wheel and I cannot be more happy about that. The folks at the Cellars at Jasper Hill make some great art in the form of cheese, and I've been priveleged to meet many of them and they're as friendly as their cheeses are delicous. On the label for the wheel, it says "A Taste of Place" and Vermont should be extremely proud of that.


print available soon