cheese portraits


Le Gruyère

oil on wood 8 x 8"

Le Gruyere cheese painting by Mike Geno

I was glad to get a half a wheel of this fortune of cheese to paint for the Emmi Roth USA calender series they commissioned. The Kaltbach Le Gruyère AOP is made from recipes dating back to 1155 AD and they certainly have perfected it. Le Gruyère is wonderfully robust, sweet and balanced with a fruity flavor that is just pure pleasure. This cheese is history in the eating.

Only the best cheeses are selected for the Kaltbach™ Caves, arriving at the caves at around three months of age and spending another nine months in the sandstone caves’ unique conditions. Emmi’s master cheesemakers devote a great deal of time to cure the cheese to perfection. (and I say thank you!)


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