Montgomery's Cheddar

oil on wood, 8x10"

Montgomery's Cheddar cheese portrait by Mike Geno

The guys at Di Bruno Bros. offered up this great wedge of Montgomery's Cheddar, claiming it has a fan base, it has groupies. This interesting piece had a vein that split it into uneven halves that locked together like a puzzle. It took me a while to figure the "pose" for this portrait but given the status of this being such a standard cheese, as in heralded and immensely loved, I chose a straight forward close up with a clean simple background.

Here's more of what I found by Madame Fromage:
"You'll notice that Montgomery's is crumbly and that the smell calls to mind a hay barn. That's authentic farmhouse cheddar. The cheese tastes sweet and brown buttery, in part because the cows pasture on lush wetlands. If you're into cheese, you know that all those little details are essential."

"buttery" is dead-on when it comes to the perfect marriage of flavor and texture of this cheese.


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