oil on wood, 8x8"

Ticklemore cheese portrait by Mike Geno

I was given a taste of this delicious creamy goats cheese and I was instantly in love with it, and the unique shape of this cheese. The wheels have a quirky flying saucer look as a result of being made in baskets.
A description I found: "While there is much to discover on Ticklemore's edible, shell-shaped rind, the oozy texture beneath the rind leaves much for the palate to explore. Similar to the Spanish cheese Garrotxa St. Gil, this British alternative has two distinct textures. Right below the rind, the cheese has a milky consistency with a sharper nutty taste, while towards the center, the cheese is more cakey and crumbly. In short, the distance below the cheese's jagged firm rind determines the cheese's two-textured paste. Indeed, as the texture becomes firmer away from the rind, the taste too evolves starting off nutty towards the rind and becoming brighter and more floral in the center."


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