Ossau Iraty Espelette

oil on wood, 10x10"

Ossau_Iraty_Espelette by Mike Geno

"Agour with Espelette adds a Basque-twist to this classic sheep's milk cheese. Looking at the surface, you would never know this cheese is any different from another wheel of Agour Ossau-Iraty. But unlike the original, this cheese has A.O.C. Espelette Chili Pepper mixed throughout the paste, giving it a burnt orange coloring.
Upon tasting, the smooth, firm texture of the sheep's milk gives way to a warm bite of heat, due to the inclusion of this special French pepper. This is a full-flavored, nuanced cheese, so enjoy it simply without any heavy spreads or overly-sweet fruits. Although we do find that mild fruits with a bit of acidity, such as currants and plums, are a tasty pairing!
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