Reading Raclette

oil on wood, 6x12"

Reading Raclette portrait by Mike Geno

This tasty cheese is made at Spring Brook Farm in Vermont. I bought it for it's flavor being a sure hit with my family but I ended up keeping it to paint. (this photo is still quite shiny and I'll replace it with a better image as soon as the painting dries a bit).

Here's what I found on the maker's website: "Reading is a semi-soft Raclette style cheese ideally suited for melting over vegetables, bread or meats, yet it can stand alone on any cheese plate. It offers a creamy, nutty flavor that is again unique to
this cheese coming from cows grazing in Vermont pastures. In the Swiss Alps where Raclette was first produced, they serve this cheese with tea or other warm beverages. Reading is aged at least three months with the same care given to Tarentaise.
Wheels average between 17 and 20 pounds. In the words of Spring Brook Farm’s Cheese Director, Jeremy Stephenson, “Our new Reading is a great complement to our award winning Tarentaise and will allow Spring Brook Farm to offer another excellent cheese to our customers and move a step further in the support of the Farms For City Kids Foundation.”


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